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Generate UUIDs/GUIDs with Code

Learn how to generate UUIDs in your favorite programming language!

We here at generate a lot of UUIDs. Our site is super practical for generating those one-off UUIDs you need when configuring software or new gadgets. For your special software or business projects where you always need the same set of UUIDs, our batch generation of UUIDs (and downloading and saving them to a file) comes in handy.

But what if copy/pasting the UUIDs generated by our site is not practical for your needs? You might not always be able to come here to get a new one.

And what if you need to automatically generate UUIDs as part of one of the features of your application? You could use our API to get UUIDs in your code, but that's going to be factors of magnitude slower than generating them directly in your own code.

So how do you generate UUIDs in your code?

Well, it depends on which programming language you use. Almost all programming languages in existence have some way of generating UUIDs directly with code. Some have a UUID generation function built into the language. Other languages don't have built-in support so you have to use a 3rd party library to generate the UUIDs.

Whatever language you use, we'll show you how to generate UUIDs in your own code!

Just look for your favorite programming language in the list on the left-hand side of the page.

Don't see the programming language you use listed here? Let us know!

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The UUIDs generated by this site are provided AS IS without warranty of any kind, not even the warranty that the generated UUIDs are actually unique. You are responsible for using the UUIDs and assume any risk inherent to using them. You are not permitted to use the UUIDs generated by this site if you do not agree to these terms. Do not use any UUIDs found on cached versions of this page.
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